With a clear perspective, rise to each challenge head-on.

With a clear perspective, rise to each challenge head-on.

When a crisis hits, it can throw us into panic mode, making planning and adapting difficult. However, knowing you have the right elements in place ahead of time helps you keep calm, take the right actions, and aids your company in enduring the situation.

1. Start With a Clear Perspective

Understand health challenges of both workplace and home working environments. How will you meet OSHA standards when employees are home? Increase accessibility to telehealth channels – be sure to send resources to all employees.

Maintain a culture index. Periodically ask employees what you should keep, change, or get rid of. Keep communication channels open. And be able to adjust how you and your employees check in.


When meetings are conducted virtually, get everyone on camera for more personal connections.

2. Examine Existing Structures

Cash reserves and fluidity

Existing technology needs and use

including knowing the degree to which work can be done remotely.

Build personal connections within your supply chain

for essential tools and components.


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