Thriving amid disrupted business environments.

From financial challenges, to an evolving labor market triggering severe staffing shortages, companies have been forced to navigate unsettled waters over the last two years. Acknowledging a “vicious kind of cycle” in the Memphis economy, Small Business Council chairperson Dotty Summerfield Giusti told The Washington Post: “There’s an enormous amount of uncertainty.” Your ability to rise to the challenge is going to depend to a great degree on the legwork you put in before it occurs.

It’s imperative to make sure you have the resources and relationships in place now, and are positioned to work through your checklist of actions to take immediately upon disruption.

1. Four Principles of Stability

The following are the core principles of a stable business, which should be in place before a crisis hits:

When it comes to strategy, be aware of the difference between revenue (sales) and gross margin (revenue after the cost of goods sold has been deducted.

2. Make Your Banker Your Friend

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