Knowing you have the right elements in place ahead of time helps you keep calm, take the right actions and endure the situation.


Recognize the need to pivot during a business disruption, and plan as extensively as possible for potential outcomes.


Ensure you have the resources in place now that position you to work through your checklist of actions to take when disruption happens.


Make sure you have secure technology already in use that would support a shift to remote work for your organization.


Your people understand your business and are invested in its success. Take good care of them, starting with building the right team.


Understand who you’re trying to reach, where to find them and how to get them to reach back out to you.


More than simply surviving a crisis, or continued disruption, you want your company to thrive. This means moving and bending with changes.

1–2 Pandemics Before 2030

Challenges that can impact businesses are never one-and-done. Predictions indicate 1 to 2 more pandemics before 2030 and an increase in cyberterrorism attacks.
While disruption is inevitable, being caught off guard isn’t.

Small Business Resiliency Playbook

This website for the Small Business Resiliency Playbook has been repurposed from the Chamber’s Small Business Resiliency Playbook, developed to help small and medium sized enterprises in the Memphis region cope with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and brace for the future.

The Chamber’s Vision

Angela Duckworth, the founder of Character Lab, once observed, “Enthusiasm is common. Endurance is rare.” There is no shortage of enthusiasm among Memphis’ creative, entrepreneurial small business owners. But a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic made endurance a little tougher for everyone.

Drawing from insights of some of the city’s top business minds, our goal in shaping the Small Business Resiliency Playbook was to create a dynamic tool that any small enterprise could consult time and again, for dilemmas, transition periods, and crises both large and small. The result is a resource that can unleash the innate power of any enterprise to PROSPER and indeed endure, whatever the next major external change brings.

We hope you read and use this tool as a ready resource now and in the future.

Beverly Robertson

President and CEO
Greater Memphis Chamber


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