View the Small Business Resiliency Playbook

Working through the PROSPER model can help you make your business more resilient and more likely to succeed, whatever the crisis is or whenever it comes. Your small business will not only survive disruptions but PROSPER through them.

1–2 Pandemics Before 2030

Challenges that can impact businesses are never one-and-done. Predictions indicate 1 to 2 more pandemics before 2030 and an increase in cyberterrorism attacks.
While disruption is inevitable, being caught off guard isn’t. Be prepared.

Reaching Great Agility through PROSPER

The Small Business Resiliency Playbook is a dynamic tool one could consult time and again, for dilemmas, transition periods, and crises both large and small. This resource unleashes the innate power of any enterprise to PROSPER and indeed endure, whatever the next major external change brings

Developed for Small and medium sized enterprises

The Playbook was developed from insights of some of the top business minds in Memphis to help small and medium sized enterprises in the Memphis region cope with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and brace for the future.